4 Irish Whiskey Pub Songs
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For Irish Whiskey, here's some great Irish pub songs:

An trad Irish band called the Tea Merchants was playing some rocking reels. My mind was swimming with other things. For several weeks, I went down to Fado's Irish Pub to grab a pint or whiskey to drink. The music was great but I was discontented. An idea was growing in my mind. I needed to do something about it.

After finishing sobering up a wee bit, I raced home and headed into the studio. I pourded another glass of whiskey. Then I sat down and recorded Irish song after Irish song. I was on a mission.

By the end of the evening, I had eighteen songs recorded live in my studio. I went through them and found nine that I loved the best.

They were rough. They were raw.
They had the spirit of whisky imbued in them.

Songs you might hear in a pub.
Songs you might sing-a-long to.
Songs that may even make you get up dance.
My Irish heart sang that evening.

So what was this mission I was aching to share?

For several years, I've worked on a website to keep Irish folk songs alive (see it at Irish-Song-Lyrics.com). I don't read sheet music. Instead, I learn the old-fashioned way. I listen.

Sadly, most lyric websites don't have soundbytes that go with it. That's my goal. I want the most comprehensive Irish song lyrics website out there that also includes audio files so you can learn like I did.

That's what got me started. To keep the website thriving, I started 4 Irish Whiskey, a side project designed to share the Irish Song Lyrics website with the world. Because it was Irish whiskey that inspired me. So 4 Irish Whiskey I will keep the Irish song tradition alive.



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